The Secret 

How can someone know God and experience His presence?

What are the keys and secrets to walking with Him?


God has offered Himself to mankind.

It is the greatest and only offer made to humanity.

Within knowing Him is everything a person wants, needs, desires, longs for and hopes for.

How can we receive Him and all that He offers? 

God’s Promises 

It is estimated that the Bible has 8,810 promises, with 7,487 of them being God’s promises to mankind.

In the gospels, Jesus Christ presents more than 300 divine promises.

How can someone receive a miracle – the miracle they desperately need, that’s for a seemingly impossible situation?

Is it really true someone can live forever? In a place so wonderful it cannot be put into words? If so, how can someone receive it?

The Bible of course has the answers.

There are also prophets and teachers today with revelation from the Holy Spirit, confirming the Bible.

What’s the absolute answer?

Jesus the Christ. He is how we approach, know, and become a child of God Almighty, the Lord God Omnipotent (Revelation 19:6).

There are of course several keys regarding knowing God. Some are:

Repentance, mourn for sin (Mark 1:15)

Humility, broken spirit (Isaiah 66:2)

Seek Him with the whole heart (Jeremiah 33:3)


There is another a secret and key that is vital to being a child of God. It permeates everything about a walk with God. It is eternally important yet in some ways misunderstood.

It is faith.

This key is the second most frequent topic Jesus preached and taught about. Jesus’ most frequent topic was “the kingdom,” which is in reality God Himself, His Presence; for us on earth, the Holy Spirit. Therefore, Jesus’ most frequently preached and taught subject, other than the topic of God Himself, is this vital topic:

Faith. Reliance. Trust.